Hak-in-the-Box is a temporary, pop-up hackerspace running during SaintCON 2019. It will be held in Provo, with the idea of promoting the after-hours work on Hackers Challenge, badge-building/hacking, and broadening the social reach of SAINTCON attendees. HITB will be open to all ages from 6PM to 1AM, Tuesday through Thursday.

Donation Rewards

$30 - VIP
Get access to the event and our 2019 badge.
$50 - l33t
Get all the $30 stuff and a custom badge! Supplies limited!
$65 - Cultist
Get the $50 and below stuff and the 2017 badge! Supplies Limited!
$100 - Crazy
All the other stuff and a GIANT THANK YOU from d4rkm4tter!
$20 - Upgrade
I already payed $30 and want to upgrade!!

A portion of your event access cost will be donated to NAMI Utah to support help support mental health awarness in Utah.

Other donations contact us: Email Us info[at]hakinthebox.com

Space is limited so act fast. Contact us if you require special arrangements.

All donations will go towards funding HITB and making it as enjoyable and comfortable as possible. Your donation is greatly appreciated and supports the greater community through this effort. Any funds beyond the costs of the event will be donated to NAMI Utah.


Inspired by the desire to have a place to chill out after hours at SaintCON with room and facilities to work on projects, socialize, and hack.


Internets will be available

Solder Stations - You read that right, bring your projects!

Hacker Movies and Talks - We will be showing some of the best curated movies and conference talks.

Snacks and Drinks - We will have light food and drinks. Adult beverages will be available.

HOUSE RULES: Please be respectful to the property and others so we can contiue to have nice things! Be supportive and collaborative! Don't be stupid, clean up after yourself, and have fun!


Email Us: info[at]hakinthebox.com     |    Tweet Us @HITBUTT